THE MESSAGE! Summer 2012

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The traveling ring !

How many of you believe in ghosts, have you ever seen something that you couldn't explain that led you to think that they might exist ?

Here is my story for what it is worth.

Several nights ago while relaxing at the casa, I experienced something I couldn't explain. Mind you tall tales are not my idea of fun.

My dog Jack was outside chasing the neighbors cats, so that means only me in the house.

Performing my normal routine of wasting time on Facebook, I'm gazing at my monitor transfixed by all of the fascinating comments from my friends !

Before we go any further I must back up and give you some details.

Several months ago I purchased a silver ring from a jewelry store in the area. Inscribed with The Song of Solomon running around the surface, I felt I had purchased an attractive ring. Concerned about damaging the ring while working, I got into the habit of leaving the ring off during the day. Wearing it only at night or the weekend.

Usually the ring found itself on the counter top in the bathroom, undisturbed and motionless or so I believed !

Back to the computer and Facebook.

While intently gazing at the monitor I heard a metallic sound behind me as if something were dropped on the floor. Turning to look, I gazed in shock as I saw my ring roll across the floor and come to rest about five feet from the door.

Now folks I have never experienced a so called phenomenon . Typical response, the hair on my neck stands up! I immediately assume someone is playing pranks on me. Problem is nobody else is in the house!

How did the ring get from the bathroom to the office. More or less ten feet distance between the two rooms.

Instinctively I reached down and picked up the ring and put it on. Something inside me was saying I should keep it on. Since that night I have not removed it. Afraid that it might be thrown at me!

Once again an incident occurs in my residence. Many discussions have taken place concerning the house and who my guest might be. I don't feel any negative vibes or am I uncomfortable. 

I have come to believe that there are many things that will occur in my life that I will not be able to explain.

I've always enjoyed ghost stories but I never figured one would involve me directly! Now that's my story and I'm stickin to it. More fuel for my muse I think! Until next time sports fans, adios.


  1. Wow, that's a creepy story! Especially because it's true. I would probably not wear the ring, sell it anything!! lol

    Ghost stories are fun but not the true ones!

  2. I'd blame it on the cat. If you don't have a know who to call.

  3. Has anything else happened since then? I find this story very interesting, as I tend to collect strange items, myself.