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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Limits of Procrastination

Hello my fellow bloggers. It seems that I have exhausted reasons why I don't have time to blog. This is a text to see if I can make it through at least one paragraph without hitting the delete button ! Several days ago while setting around twiddling my thumbs for several hours, contemplating how how busy I was, I came to the conclusion that I was lazy.

The slow return to reality. Always able to find excuses to avoid what I know is right. The following is a sample of the things that run through my head !

I've gotten by just fine without it. Very frustrated!
It hasn't affected my muse, although I haven't written more than 3k in the last month. Oops!
I'm staying connected to my social media network, I press the like button alot!
I check my twitter followers count frequently, why are they following a dead beat!
And last but not least, the date of my last blog post will not change even though I look at it every day!

Thank God that  my work ethic bled over into my interest in writing. Looks like I made it through the barrier of sloth. Now all I have to do is come up with a topic for tomorrows blog right!  Peace my peeps !

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