THE MESSAGE! Summer 2012

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yesterday while gazing at a picture a friend, Angela Carlie, had posted showing a wisteria tree in full bloom , with the grape like clusters of blooms hanging down, I was once again reminded of the power of the memory . Every since childhood I remember the vivid images of the wisteria in our front yard.                 

I played the game of hide away, only takes one player. Good for a loner and introvert like I was, strangely drawn to this tree standing guard inside our rustic waist high fence next to the gate. Even though bumble bees and honey bees swarmed the tree, I was never afraid to crawl under the hanging blooms. I understand now what they mean when scent therapy is described and the ability of the scent to stimulate brain activity. I can remember vividly the overpowering smell given off by the blooms, strangely calming and comforting to me. It was as if the wisteria was taking away my fear of the bees. Was it more than just a wisteria .                                  

 Now I know this sounds bizarre but even today as in last month, we had a short bloom of wisteria here. Not lasting very long due to the lack of rainfall I'm sure. Driving down a two lane road in the north end of the county I saw the blooms on the side of the road as I approached. Like clockwork the smell registers and I am immediately propelled back to childhood and the fond memories of the springtime hiding sessions and the strange draw that this plant had on me. Was it a feeling of security lacking in my life or was it an intoxicating scent that overwhelmed me. 

My strange fascination with this event has a rational explanation I'm sure, such as simple memories triggered by memories of a smell that I found comforting. Problem is I still carry with me today the vivid imagination that I developed as a child. I consider it a gift, whereas for many years I down played it feeling my friends wouldn't understand and think I was a bit strange! Well alert the media I am a bit strange! The wonderful thing about being friends with fellow writers is they understand the power of the imagination and the fuel sometimes required to jump start it. Another example of a gift that I took for granted for too long. So when I'm in the mood to put down 2500 words i think I will pull up the old wisteria tree, can't hurt huh!                                                                                                                                         


  1. mine is the smell of chinaberry tree (Texas Umbrella) or white cedar. nice story bill :)

  2. Well thank you for the kind words, and I have stories about climbing the chinaberry tree too :)

  3. I love triggers of childhood memories--especially lovely smelling triggers. :)

  4. Wisteria is a hard to duplicate scent I have been told, still looking for the one that smells right :)