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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The wordpress debacle

Im easily influenced by the actions of others!  Several days ago a system problem developed with blogspot's posting app. This brought a cry of frustration and anger from loyal users of the blogspot app, after discussing it with several of my fellow writers, I was made aware that this was not the first time issues had arisen with this app. A  grassroots groundswell of dissent began to develop, I was fascinated and excited about the possibilities to appear as though I knew what would be required to make the transition to wordpress when I became aware that a mass exodus from blogclunk was beginning! I happily participated in discussions about what actions to take concerning the issue, even though in the back of my mind I knew that I was setting myself up for a massive migraine! I anxiously watched the random posts on twitter and facebook, at last it was time for computer man to make his appearance. Quickly running  a search for wordpress I waited for a response. Hmm, did iImake a mistake typing the address, surely its not a porn site! Well lets try again and hope for the best. After several attempts I was rewarded with the link, rapidily clicking on the first button I saw I  was cast into a screen that struck fear into the very core of my being. I paused, remembering the comments I had made to friends about my decision to take action ! Leaning back in my chair I pondered the consequences of inaction. Would I be perceived as a goof, an imposter, possibly just a person with nothing better to do than bug people going about there every day lives. I began to think blogspot isn't really that bad, I can go without posting blogs. Who cares anyway, right! The battle waged on inside my head, maybe i need to take a break I thought. Lets go see whats happening on facebook, as I scrolled through the comments I began to see issues concerning the app itself, could it be that others were having problems with wordpress also. Hmm maybe an attempt to elicit a silly response from me about some setting that a monkey should be able to deal with. Not falling for that,I proceeded cautiously although deep in my gut i felt that I was over reacting and a starbucks double shot was probably causing paranoia. Returning to wordpress I forged ahead like a man possessed, Bravely entering the appearance tab, unbelievably the first background I came to was the one I instinctivly knew was the best one. Setting the background was the turning point for me.I felt an overwhelming feeling of confidence come over me. I can make setting adjustments like who i am and how to follow later, relatively unimportant issues.  But should I post a link on facebook  to the blog, what the hell I can always delete it later if someone says Im silly. All in all this has been a great confidence building experience can't you tell or maybe you dont think so. I hope so !

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