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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The comfort of ghosts!

Within the last year i moved into the house of friends who had to relocate to Singapore. Hes a mechanical engineer in demand and today you have to go to the money sometimes. I remember yrs ago his wife mentioning a story about a ghost in the house,I didn't think much of it, didn't believe in those kind of things. Years later I move in as a convenience for both parties. They have a friend they can trust to take care of the place for 2 yrs and I have a chance to move from a neighborhood that had become suspect to a quiet place for me and my dog Jack.Soon after moving in I started to get this kind of creepy feeling come over me. Mind you I'm an ex marine. I don't scare easy. At first it was the waking up in the middle of the nite to the door bell ringing, next waking up to hear noises in the room. Actually getting out of bed to turn the lights on! Damn, whats up! Next its the covers thrown over my head while dozing off, actually cursed at it for that one :) At this point I'm thinking is there something fueling my imagination. I blow it off for a bit, next I come home to jacks crate moved for the laundry room to the dining room. No earthquakes! Hmm still in denial, I guess the thing that sold me on the ghost idea was standing in the shower at 800am on Saturday morning and listening to this pretty voice singing from one of  the two bedrooms close to the bathroom. This happened on two occasions. One nite playing on Facebook I see my friend in Singapore on chat, so I ask her about the old story she told me about the ghost.I said what kind of things happened that made you feel there was a ghost, she said it was the singing coming from empty bedrooms! No radio, no choir, just an empty room. Now  there were other things that happened, so I ask you was this all circumstantial or do I have another roommate besides my dog! Things have slowed down and not much to report and at this point. I think we have become mutually comfortable, who would have thunk it. Comforted by a ghost :)

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